Trending Low-Effort Online Business Ideas for 2017

There are many Internet business opportunities out there. Everyone can try out their luck in the online market game and hope to make it big. Usually, online business ideas require a lot of effort and work to be put into them, but many oversee the online entrepreneur ideas which don’t require maximum effort and are a safe bet for people who want to make a few bucks from the online world, but don’t have the entrepreneurship talents.


With the modernization and comeback of the books, there are more and more people wanting to read books. But, in the last few years an increasingly bigger number of people want to listen to books instead of reading them, which opened a whole new market with Internet Business opportunities.

It doesn’t require much effort, especially if you’re a Native American speaker, or have a well-spoken English. You just open up a book and start reading. If your audiobook sells good and you manage to make a name for yourself as an audiobook creator, you can sell your audiobooks for bigger prices and make yourself a fine profit.

 Website domain flipper

There are millions and millions of domain names registered on the online market. Some of them sell cheap, and some can get up to $50.000. A domain name is similar to what an address is for a property.

The art of website flipping is to find a domain address that is considered “second-hand”, improve it or mark it up and sell it for a higher price, getting yourself a nice profit. This is one of the online business ideas that require a bit of luck and a really good eye for future profitable domains, as well as trend analysis. If you can nail the trend analysis, your work is done.

There are even website platforms that are specialized for re-selling domains and domain flippers have made up to $100.000 in one month by buying a domain, improving it and having it sold for a much bigger price than the initial one.


Dropshipping is one of the Internet business opportunities that have made its way on the market in the last decade. It’s a form of an indirect business where the seller gets the payment for certain products that are being advertised on his or her website and when a buyer purchases a product from that website, the seller forwards the offer directly to the manufacturer, who then ships the products to the buyer.

There are so many Internet business opportunities out there. Some require a lot of work to be put into, but some can bring you a nice sum of money without having to work 10+ hours a day. So, if you have a talent and wit for some of these, it can be the online entrepreneur idea that will change your life.

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